About Me

Hi! I'm Catherine, happily married for 22 years to the funniest person I know, and mom to a daughter and son who—so far—are turning out way better than I deserve! (Knocking on wood!)

... a transplanted New Englander now living in the mid-Atlantic
... still a Red Sox fan
... a Buckeye by marriage
... watching my nest empty with equal amounts of dread and anticipation
... thinking about the next stage of life
... trying to increase my running pace from a jog to a slightly faster jog
... figuring out how to make my house look a little more like those pictures on Pinterest
... an unabashed Anglophile
... anticipating the next snowstorm—I love snow!
... looking forward to my next cup of coffee/glass of wine...whichever comes first
... very grateful for all the good things in my life

Thanks for visiting!

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