Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Is for...

Ankle. It is improving...slowly. I still can't walk any real distance on it, though. And there is an ominous popping when I extend my foot. I'm ignoring that for now.

Anniversary! We celebrated 22 years together last Friday with a movie (Spy, liked it), dinner (Barbuzzo, food was fab), and overnight in the city (Bellevue, has seen better days). My daughter was quite entertained by the fact that we were actually out fairly late (still at dinner at 11 pm!).

Anxiety. Does anyone else worry like this? I cannot sleep if one of the kids is out and expected home. And this summer, one or both kids are out pretty much every night. I particularly worry about my 19 year old. She is in the city until late two nights a week and I am refreshing the train system app about every 3 minutes to see exactly where the train is. And texting her: "Are you on the train yet?" Etc. As much as I love having her home, my worry is less when she is at school and I don't know exactly what she is doing. Which is completely irrational, I know.

Arrivederci. Said goodbye yesterday to a friend who is moving away. She and her husband are downsizing to a smaller home in a college town a few hours from here. I'm so sad to see her go...even as I am happy to see her starting a new adventure! I do envy the fact that she has had a chance to really go through all her "stuff" and pare down...something we really need to do. In 11 years we have accumulated so much junk in attic and basement.

All right...time to shower and get started on my day! Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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