Thursday, August 6, 2015

Am I Stuck in 2002?

So I've recently entered the wonderful world of Pinterest. (Check out my boards!)

I literally spent 8 hours yesterday pinning various rooms I liked, and there's clearly a common denominator, which is...I need a new house. Looking over the pictures I found, I'm not even sure whether I was pinning decor or just really big windows, LOL.

We live in a big, old (1920s) house with a circa 1990 addition:

Can you see the bricks? And the laurel?

Anyway, it is in no way a light-filled house. It is also much too big for our family--with one child in college, there are only three of us living in this five-bedroom house and we really only use a few of the rooms. And the addition means that the kitchen is completely an interior room...and dark.

As for the decor...well, see for yourself:

Honestly, I'm not sure my carefully chosen colors (sage green, red, midnight blue, and pale yellow) were ever in style...even in 2002. Is it any wonder that every one of my pins shows an all-white or beige room? I am thinking (hoping?) that repainting in a neutral, and replacing the rug in the top photo above, would go a long way toward calming things down.

And maybe—someday—we will downsize into the 2015 era home of my dreams (which I will not have to redecorate until at least 2023)!

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