Monday, September 21, 2015



Fall feels like it's finally here, and not a moment too soon. I am not a summer person (must be the Scandanavian in me). If I had to rank the months in order of preference, October comes first, and December is way before July and August. I love snow—even shoveling—and I have no trouble with bundling up to stay warm. Fleece, down, wool sweaters, boots—bring it on. Whereas I can't really take off enough clothes to stay comfortable in the summer. (Not that anyone would want me to!)

I went running this morning; temps were in the mid-fifties, and it was breezy and a little cloudy. Gorgeous. And we used our down comforter last night!

Speaking of the comforter—I finally bought new bedding, for the first time in probably ten years. In keeping with my goal to remove all color from the house, everything is now white but the bed skirt, which is a light tan linen. I'm looking for the perfect throw pillows to "complete the look"—in a print that incorporates the bright white and tan, and also some slate or grey blue—which has involved hours clicking around etsy, zazzle, etc. I'm working from a picture I found on Pinterest (naturally), and I'm having a hard time duplicating the pillow the designer used. I'm guessing the fabric is super high end, which is why I'm not finding it at Wayfair? Lol.

I was going to do a before and after post, and maybe I still will, but honestly I was so excited when the matelasse and shams arrived that I tore everything off the bed before I could take a picture. And what are the chances I will remake the bed with the old quilt?

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